Struggles with cystic acne and scarring

Hi everyone and welcome back to my second blog! Today I want to share something more personal and the struggles I went through in my younger years that set me on this path of natural beauty. 

I didn’t go through any pubescent pimple times in my teen years in fact my skin was on fleek until I got to my late 20’s. I became prone to a few blackheads and cysts on my face, horrible ones that were a constant battle to deal with. I’d get one at a time, one appearing then eventually disappearing. Once, I had a stubborn one located on the right side of my jawline that wouldn’t go away and it became really inflamed leading me to get it surgically removed. Sometime later in the following year I got another one and they continuously reappeared over time. My doctor would prescribe me with antibiotics anytime a cyst would reappear, and my dermatologist suggested that I be prescribed with Roaccutane. I just couldn’t bring myself in taking strong drugs for my skin as I didn’t appreciate the side effects. I was trying various cleansers with harsh chemicals, any product out there even skin supplements. I was fit and eating right. I’ve never been one to cake on make-up. I couldn’t fathom that this was happening to me. My skin was scarred mostly on my cheeks and I had a surgical scar on my jawline. I honestly thought that my issues would subside as I got older. But I continued to search for a solution.

Naturally derived products started to appear in the market and this is when changes ignited for me. At this point I made my discoveries about toxins in beauty products and I trialled and tested these new products for years to come. With my persistence in finding the right product for me and my resistance to ditching chemicals I found that the more natural the product was the less cysts would appear. Eventually the cysts vanished from my life.

I don’t have the most flawless skin these days however there’s a massive improvement in the texture of my skin and my scarring is definitely fading. Thankfully I have minimal fine lines which is pretty great considering I’m now in my early 40’s but I do get that odd hormonal pimple. I continue researching and looking for the more organic beauty treatments that suit my skin type.  With regular exercise and healthier eating along with using beautiful clean skincare I feel happier and more confident these days. And when I get a chance to have ‘me’ time or weekends at home I avoid wearing make-up so my skin can breathe.

If you suffer from hormonal outbreaks or oily skin periods, I highly recommend 

my 3 key game-changing favourite green skincare essentials from 2017:

  1. Green French clay mask.

Laboratory analyses of a variety of clays have determined that one of the best clays for personal use is the French Green Clay which is selected for its purity and efficiency, and absorption properties.  It is a 100% natural bio-organic material rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, silicon, copper and many more other healthy elements. I would usually mix the pure powder with purified water to create a paste and use non-metal utensils and apply on my face. Within seconds you feel a strong sensation of the clay drawing out the impurities and toxins leaving your skin thoroughly clean and clear.

I will go into further detail about this phenomenal product and where to purchase from in an upcoming blog, so please stay tuned!

  1. Rose hip oil or jojoba oil

I found both to be beneficial to my skin type however worked more affectively depending on the state of my skin. If I am experiencing hormonal outbreaks I would usually use the Rose hip oil. My favourite is the Kosmea Australia brand made from certified organic rose hip seed oil. It assists to combat acne, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and especially helpful to those with dry or sensitive skin.

Made by Just Jojoba Australia the benefits of this pure Jojoba oil is fairly similar to that of rosehip oil. It moisturises the face and body, combats wrinkles and lightens scars and blemishes, it also assists to prevent split cuticles.    

Both oils are amazing, made from pure plants, absorb quite quickly without the greasy feeling leaving your skin feeling soft and subtle. My next blog will go into full details about these oils, so please stay tuned.                                  

  1. Edible Beauty Australian Pink mousse

Created by owner and Naturopath Anna Mitsios from Edible Beauty, this mousse/ night cream is honestly like no other, it’s absolutely Ahh- mazing!

Upon application you can immediately feel a light tingly sensation as it penetrates into your skin. Waking up the following morning my skin feels so soft; looks radiant and my pores seem smaller. This gorgeous product is enriched with organic elements of Australian Pink Clay, Avocado oil, sunflower oil, and watermelon, acai, and passion fruit extracts.

Currently, I am trying and testing some of Edible Beauties other products so please stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!

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