How to care for your skin on long haul flights the natural way

I have travelled on long haul flights more than I can count on my fingers in my lifetime. The last two times were with my young children and hubby; the first family trip was in 2015 where my youngest was under 2 years of age and my eldest was 4 and then two years later we travelled again in 2017 both times to Europe. Yes I am game enough to travel with young kids and I loved every little bit of it! Although travelling with young children is tiring for all the family and can get quite emotional and unsettling at the best of times, I felt like my biggest challenge while travelling was trying to keep my skin blemish-free. As crazy as it sounds, it has always been a battle for me even from way back in my single travelling days but has become more apparent the older I got.

I’ve come to terms that I’m always going to have some sort of struggle when it comes to my skin in general however travelling has caused some havoc to my routine. My skin does get very dry yet clammy when travelling on long haul flights. The high altitude does not do me any favours whatsoever and I always break out and this is quite common to those that have the same skin type as me.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

There are five main reasons why skin problems occur on airplanes: Altitude, Stress, Water retention, low humidity and lack of sleep. Our skin is generally comfortable at around 40% – 70% humidity however on planes it is around 20% which is not good news. It causes dryness which can lead to your skin producing excess oil to compensate. Dullness in the skin comes from high altitudes. The higher up you are the less blood flows to your face and skin in general. It can cause swollen hands or feet and blemishes too. The lack of sleep can also contribute to skin issues. When you don’t sleep enough, your skin isn’t recovering and adds stress to your skin leading to blemishes and that occurs whether you are in the air or on land.

So, here I share some natural beauty tips to assist with your skin needs while travelling:

  1. Get an organic facial and or a full body massage at your local beauty store or day spa before your flight. I usually get late night flights, so I have always booked in a session during the day before my departure. You can google to find a day spa in your area that offer organic facials. I have previously used Endota Spa (some have shut down in recent months) receiving a 30 minute relaxation massage with a 30 minute organic facial all for AU99. Massages are a great stress reliever and will benefit your body for a long flight.
  2. Avoid wearing make-up if none at all when travelling. I tend to just put some mascara so I look a little decent and nothing else on my face to let it breathe. You can always put what you need towards the end of the flight before landing in your final destination. If you are wearing make-up make sure you do take it off when sleeping, the altitude and make-up congestion can clog your pores. Mineral make up is the best for your skin as it is non comedogenic. To make cleansing simple, take a FaceHalo pad with you. It is so easy to use, compact and versatile for travelling. Use this whether you have make up on or not, it will clean away any residue and dirt.
  3. Bamboo Sheet masks would be the most suitable on a plane. When it’s that time to get some shut eye, pop open a sheet mask packet and place the mask on your face while in your seat. They are compact and can fit in your on-board travel bag or handbag. No-one will really see you and even if they do, your skin will thank you later. My favourite is none other than the Express Bloom of Youth Infusion mask  by Edible Beauty and is available in a slim compact size which will definitely fit in your handbag.
  4. Using any chemical infused products will only irritate your skin and cause blackheads so my absolute top advice is to use natural products and avoid alcohol based skincare. It will worsen your skin by producing excess sebum. The altitude in the airplane is already doing this to your skin so avoid it as much as you can. Airlines usually give you a hot face wash towel so take full advantage of this and use it every time by patting your face gently. Hot towels will open up your pores and clean them out.
  5. Face Mists are a great way to keep your skin hydrated during the flight. A few spritzes here and there will help keep your skin blemish-free. After a hot towel pat, the mist is great to use. The mist will act like a barrier and close the pores assisting in the non-production of excess sebum. One that I currently carry in my bag is the Leahlani citrus and citrine toner. If you are located in Australia, my favourite online store is Eve Organics.
  6. Moisturise or use a serum. You can usually get travel sized bottles for your skincare and I recommend that you use something to keep your skin extra hydrated. 100ml per bottle is the standard to carry on-board so a little dab here and there will lock in that hydration for you. Edible Beauty have a fantastic range for On the Fly core 4 travel kit which are all small travel sized perfect for your make-up case or carry on bag. A few drops of your favourite oil goes a long way on a very drying flight too. My favourite is the Eco by Sonya Glory Oil packed full of moisturising and conditioning elements or you could use some simple jojoba oil which will assist in the same way.
  7. Walk around when you can to get the blood flowing not only will this assist you in avoiding water retention but it will help with altitude issues.
  8. Sleep. This is one of the most difficult things to do on the plane and this can lead to stress. When we have a lack of sleep we can get moody, stressed and our skin suffers. Ask for some chamomile tea or pack a couple of your favourite tea packets in your handbag and then place a sleep eye mask and relax. Even a little shut eye will help.
  9. Use lip balms for those chapped lips whenever possible on board your flight or walking around the streets in your beautiful destination. One of my favourites is Hurraw and LipLip. Each tube have been cleverly shaped to fit into pockets without slipping out. They’re vegan and packed full of natural organic goodness.
  10. When you arrive at your destination the same care should be taken with your skin. The change of climate can also cause some battles especially when travelling from a cold dry climate to a hot high humidity climate. Experiment with some of their local skincare ranges. You will find that in Europe some of the cleanest and organic skincare are available in local Pharmacies and a lot of highly toxic ingredients are banned in the EU.
  11. And never forget your SPF Sunscreen! Some of my favourites are available at Nourished Life. You will always need sunscreen whether you are travelling to sunny or cooler destinations to protect your skin from any sun damage and the best way is without smearing chemicals on your body and doing it the natural way.

I’ll be writing up another travel blog soon about travelling with kids and how you can incorporate all these tips with kids. Trust me, if I can do it you can too.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and can get that blemish-free skin that you deserve on your next adventure.

If you need any assistance or further advice whatsoever, please email me anytime. Happy travels!

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Kyria Beauty xo