Interview with Anna Mitsios from Edible Beauty

Since I began my Instagram page I have discovered some innovative natural brands made by inspirational people, and one of my very first was my introductions to Edible Beauty Australia. All of the products have been deliberately and carefully crafted by naturopath, nutritionist and founder of Edible Beauty Anna Mitsios, who is passionate about using food and herbs to achieve radiance, vitality and bountiful youth.

I was very intrigued by Edible Beauty’s range when Anna posted details about & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse. I sent her an email asking for assistance with my skin type and requested a sample to try. From there we continued contact and I began to experiment with all her products and review them still to this day.

I was so excited when Anna accepted for me to interview her. I have found that my researches and passions in natural beauty are equal to Anna’s as they are to other natural beauty advocates out there.

Edible Beauty Australia offers edible skin care products and wildcrafted exotic teas containing evidence based therapeutic ingredients designed to have you glowing both inside out. These gorgeous products contain many wildcrafted Native Australian ingredients. One particular is the Snow flower seed which comes from the tea tree family. Most people may be sceptical and not know just how powerful natural ingredients are and as Anna explained to me the botanical native plants used are found in remote areas in Australia where they fight for survival and their defence system is incredibly powerful overcoming extreme conditions. So when it is transferred to us and used on our skin these botanicals have a unique and super antioxidant profile that raises the therapeutic actions and therefore fights from free radical damage. The plant contains 50% Vitamin E and 100% Vitamin A making it absolutely beneficial as a natural anti-ageing ingredient in her skincare range.

What inspired you to begin your journey as a skincare formulator?

I was in Finance position at the Macquarie Bank when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. From there I decided to do some research into what I had and discovered ways to stabilise my condition. I then changed careers and became a Naturopath and was soon working in a Fertility Clinic helping others to make the switch to natural skincare and cleaning products including washing detergents and every day needs. However I found it very daunting as the industry didn’t have enough clean beauty on the market and toxins were in most ‘healthy varieties’. Back 5 years ago or so, clean beauty wasn’t as well defined and products were not really available. I would go into health stores and I couldn’t find alternatives so I started to create different things like making Shea butter and using ingredients like witch hazel for the skin. I was amazed at how the quality of organic foods and what we were putting on our skin impacted our immune system and our overall health and wellbeing. One of my findings from working in a fertility centre was that approximately 250 toxins can be found in the umbilical cord in pregnant women from skincare and foods. From there, I began experimenting with Wildcraft Native botanicals and made products that were free from chemicals.

Edible Beauty’s signature moto is ‘Beauty from the inside out”. Can you tell me a bit about this?

I wanted to incorporate a message as to what we put in our body reflects on what we use on our skin in exactly the same. By eliminating free radical damage by nourishing the skin adding Vitamins and anti-oxidants on the outside is reflected from inside and out.

Where did the name ‘Edible Beauty’ come from?

Edible Beauty initially started with beauty teas naturopathic blends to enjoy with the formulation herbs of beauty benefits. Every ingredient used in my formulations is food grade, herb vitamin and mineral to be eaten. My products are made from botanicals and wildcrafted Australian ingredients formulated that are literally good enough to eat. If it’s safe to eat then it is safe and literally good to put on your skin. If it is not good enough to eat then we won’t put it in our products.

Which product is your favourite from your range?

The Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse is one of favourites in terms of giving radiance almost instantly overnight. The effectiveness is quicker, eliminates redness and oily t-zone. As a start to Natural beauty, I would recommend to start with is the cleansing milk as another one of my favourites. This is especially good to those with problematic skin, and quicker results are gained with less break-outs and irritations. Some cleansers, although natural can be too harsh and prone to sensitivity. The cleansing milk is as it states is milk based yet it can take a while for the skin to get used to it, it is more effective in keeping the skin clear and hydrated without any dryness.

What is your best advice about switching to natural beauty?

Start to really read labels and what the ingredients are. Research is the first thing to start with. Use tools like the Think dirty app and go to . Think Dirty is connected to the Environmental Working Group. They specialise in researches on the dirty dozen every year providing an immense amount of information of toxic chemicals. Second step is to think about is what you are using the most such as cleansers, moisturisers and shampoos. Then if you wear make-up switch to mineral make up. If you run out of say your cleanser, try a natural product and go on from there rather than doing a bulk transformation so you can get a feel of each product. You will establish a sense of trust with certain brands and continue using them.

Are there any special foods that can enhance your skin health while using the Edible Beauty range?

Increasing your greens is my first advice. My suggestion would be to include 2-3 cups of salad greens and 2-3 cups of vegies such broccoli and those vegies that are especially good for liver cleansing. Or you can green juice those greens or make smoothies. Avoid dairy and sugar and focus on wholegrains eliminating gluten in your diet. Gluten and grains all link in with skin conditions causing irritations and inflammation not only within your body but on your skin. Water intake is essential and good fibre such as flaxseed meal. Flaxseed meal contains great fatty acids and this fibre draws out excess toxins. Minimum requirement is 2 tablespoons a day. Foods that are great for overall gut health including probiotic rich foods. Adding Ginger to water or drinking ginger tea is another great way to gain beauty from the inside out.

I am just in awe of Edible Beauty and speaking with Anna was an educational lesson in botanicals and general health care which solidified my own discoveries. Everything links up from gut health to skin to your overall health. This made me think back to how I initially switched to natural beauty through my own personal struggles and allowed me to find the path that I’m currently on.

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I hope you all enjoyed this blog and attached Anna has kindly shared her 30 day beauty challenge which includes beauty tips, 30 day challenge chart and recipes. Have a look, it is amazing!

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