My top favourite natural and essential oils for everyday use

When I first looked into essential oils, I was pretty hesitant as my face was prone to hormonal blemishes and would get oily sometimes. Researching deeply into the powers of oils like Rosehip and Jojoba I took a chance and started to experiment with them and realised that these sorts of oils could benefit my skin in the long haul. I also discovered that essential oils are powerful cleaning ingredients that are included in my daily cleaning habits.

So here I’ll share my favourite oils that I use not only for my skin but in my green beauty lifestyle.

Rosehip oil
This oil is especially beneficial to acne prone and blemished skin. Made from pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush or Rosa Canina and high in essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid or omega 6. It can assist in the healing a scar tissue, acne, smooth out wrinkles and sun damaged skin. I find that adding a drop with Jojoba oil boosts its antioxidant properties and gets deeper into the skin as Rosehip oil doesn’t quite get so deep on its own. My favourite is the Kosmea Certified organic rose hip oil.

Jojoba oil
This liquid gold beauty is produced from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant. This oil is one of my favourites. Apart from adding to Rosehip to get that absorbing effect, Jojoba is great on its own too. Helps to combat wrinkles, moisturises the face and body, lightens scars and blemishes. When I have a little outbreak I do add this oil to my beauty regime after using a toner. I use it on my nails to prevent split cuticles and to keep my nails looking healthy leaving a non-greasy feeling. My favourite is the Just Jojoba 100% pure Australian Jojoba Oil.

Teatree oil
I’ve got a spritzer bottle with purified water and a few drops of the Thursday Plantation 100% pure Tea Tree Oil and I use it on my kids hair every morning before school and kinder. I believe this is effective in keeping nits and lice away. I also use this mixture on our bed mattresses to keep bed bugs away.  For a more effective treatment you can find a bottle with a mixture of Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Rosemary, Citronella, Cedarwood, Patouchi, Lemongrass, and Geranium called Good Riddance from Natural Wonders, mix it in a spritzer bottle with purified water and it will keep mosquitos away too. There’s a ‘natural’ lice deterrent spray available in pharmacies that contain these essential oils. The only problem is it’s mixed with unnecessary chemicals.

Eucalyptus oil
I don’t particularly use this oil on my face but rather as a natural cleaning ingredient. This oil is derived from the leaf of Eucalyptus, a gorgeous plant native to Australia and cultivated worldwide.
This is my DIY version; Mix 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. I use this to clean windows, door knobs, benchtops, fridges, mirrors, stainless steel appliances and when cleaning my tiles and floorboards I add half a cup of baking soda. The antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oils assist in healing coughs, colds and cuts.  My favourite is the Thursdays Plantation Eucalyptus oil brand.

Body oils
One of my favourite is the Gypsy Oil by Luxaestiva. This oil is completely naturally derived from flowers and plants specifically neroli, prickly pear, meadowfoam, bergamot enriched with highly potent antioxidants, omegas 3, 5, 6 & 9, vitamins A, B, C & E, proteins and minerals. This luxurious dry oil is non-greasy on the skin which means it doesn’t leave an oily residue rather a deeply absorbed hydrating finish with gorgeous aromas . My skin gets very dry especially on my legs so I like to apply day and night. Even after sleeping and showering the next day my skin feels soft and hydrated.

Another favourite and newest addition to my collection is the Glory Oil from Eco by Sonya. This organic superpower oil is infused with Inca Inchi, Açai and Pumpkin seed to nourish, calm and smooth out your skin. It can be applied to your face, neck and beyond. Although I have been using this oil for a shorter period than my other oils, it has become a beneficial part of my beauty regime applying it on most evenings before bedtime. The appearance of my old acne scars and fine lines are diminishing and I am absolutely happy with the results. I highly recommend that you give this one a try particularly if you have scarring or fine lines.

Hope you found some useful remedies and tips for glowing and naturally beautifying skin from my favourite oils.

Yours Truly

Kyria Beauty xo